Health Benefits of Growing Over Buying Vegetables taste so much better when you grow them yourself! It feels awesome to know your veggies are organic, which means they are free of nasty chemicals like pesticides! Growing in a Greenhouse vs. an Outdoor Garden What can be frustrating about growing your own vegetables in an outside garden is how drastically the climate changes in most areas, especially when the seasons change. Late Spring and early Fall are ideal for outdoor gardening in most regions of the United States, but Summer is too hot and early Spring or late Fall is too cold. On top of that, it canRead More →

Question: How Do I Find the Best Juicer to Buy? Answer: This is the most frequently asked of our “Frequently Asked Questions” at Select Juicers. The simplest answer is: “Choose the juicer that best fits your needs“. Consider these 5 questions then hop over to our Buyer’s Guide for a quick overview of our juicer categories and see which best meets your needs. What is your budget? What kinds of produce do you plan on juicing? How often do you plan on using your juicer; daily, weekly, once in a ‘blue moon’? Do you plan on using your juicer for every serving or want toRead More →

Let Us Help You, Choose, Buy, and Become a Juicer Machine Whether you’re new to the world of juicing or are a juicing guru, it’s safe to assume that you’ve been doing a lot of reading about the benefits of different vegetable, fruit, and herb combinations that create the healthiest, most cleansing, and tasty juices possible. It’s also safe to assume that, during your recipe foraging, you’ve read a lot of comments like, “…make sure you have a good juicer…” and “…get a good juicer…” or “…a good juicer is important to get ALL of the nutrients…” If you’re like us, reading all the commentsRead More →

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your nutrition or you overdid it with the holiday goodies, a juice cleanse is a great way to reboot your health. Juicing has numerous benefits, and has even been shown to lower blood pressure, combat arthritis, and fight various diseases. A juice cleanse takes it one step further, fully immersing you in all that juicing has to offer. So, what exactly is a cleanse? It’s when you have nothing but fresh juice, water, and herbal tea for five days, and it’s just what it sounds like – cleansing! It floods your system with much-needed nutrients, and helps rid your bodyRead More →

Did you know that your juicer is good for more than just fruits and vegetables? With almond milk sales rising at an incredible speed, it is clear that the nut milk trend is here to stay. If you’ve ever pondered on the mystery of how a crunchy nut turned into that creamy, delicious beverage, we at Select Juicers are here to shed some light on the matter.Whether you’re already an avid almond milk lover, or you’re new to the world of dairy alternatives, you will be pleased to know that you, too, can be an almond milk magician, and it is a lot simpler thanRead More →

Juicing is a beneficial way to ward off certain illnesses, remove toxins from your body, regain energy, and much more. Check out some stellar recipes that will help you feel energized and ready to take on the day! Cucumbers have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties which is great for a sore throat. They contain Vitamin B1, C, and K, Potassium, Biotin, and Magnesium.Green apples are rich in Vitamin C. They also contain iron, zinc, copper, manganese, potassium, which are a must for human health and well-being. Lemon is an important antioxidant that is great for immune function and skin health. It also contains potassium and vitaminRead More →

Goji berries. I’m sure you’ve heard the hype about this trending superfood, but if you haven’t, slow down and take a look at this. The goji is a highly nutritious berry from China that has been used for thousands of years, both medicinally and for taste. It is reported to help prevent eye disease, diabetes, and cancer. But the goji has its drawbacks too. That’s why we have provided you with the Ultimate Guide to Goji Berries and how to best incorporate gojis into your daily diet for a long-lasting, healthy life.Check out our ultimate guide infographic to the right to learn more!What are GojiRead More →

Consuming enough fruits and vegetables can be frustrating, but it’s vital for maintaining ideal blood sugar levels and a healthy lifestyle. As many are aware, what you eat affects your blood sugar and keeping a routined eating pattern can significantly help keep blood sugar levels under control. We’ve put together this guide that shows 6 delicious, practical ways to prepare some of of the most recommended fruits and vegetables for diabetes. With juicing, it’s as simple as throwing some vegetables and fruits into the juicer and watching the magic happen. This is a great approach because you will know the amount of vegetables you are eatingRead More →